First Blog: 

Dear Diary. Well, what a day so far.

We had a good sleep last night – now I know what a salad feels like when it gets tossed about.

Then the lucky gangs of the midnight to four and four to eight watches had their first lesson of setting the fore and afters. That settled things down nicely.

After breakfast we put up the squares and commenced proper sailing, with no engines.

A little bit of routine evac drills and then sorting out harnesses took us nicely to lunch.

Now, here we are, sat in the sun, under sail, gentle seas, just lovely.

Second Blog:

TNS 617 forward watch. Sunday 20th November:

After an early start and a grand breakfast, we all got our harnesses on ready to climb up a mast. Stu, the Bosun, went through everything thoroughly with us all as we gathered for last minute adjustments to harnesses.

When it came to my turn, I was nervous, even though I have done it before a long time ago! Help and reassurance from crew all the way! Great experience for me and all the voyage crew – so glad I went up, fabulous view and feeling of achievement. Now on watch 12.30pm to 4pm on a glorious afternoon, chilled with a great watch as we head south into the sun and good weather to the Canary Islands. No dolphins or whales to report yet but lookouts on the case!