18th January 2023
Watch Daily Blog

We have been at sea for 7 days and the beauty of the Atlantic has not disappointed us. Today’s temperature has been an averaging 27 degrees and we have a heading of 230 degrees. The wind has dropped so we have slowed our speed so as this is written we have a speed of 8.6 knots. Slow and steady we head to Antigua.

The primary afternoon activity for the off duty watches involves mass climbs of the main mast up to the cross trees. A bit like the M25 up there at times.

A lively and fascinating talk from Lissie about living with Dwarfism kept us entertained and opened our eyes to the practice of leg stretching – a long and painful procedure.

In between times we have enjoyed both rescuing floundering flying fish from the deck and taking a closer look at dead ones that don’t quite make it.  We laid dear Alfred to rest after everyone had inspected him this morning.

Banter levels increase the further we get across the Atlantic and firm friendships are forged.

The Aft PortWatch