Blog for day 5, on behalf of Aft Starboard Watch

Tom (Second Mate) gave a useful talk on the use of the sextant in front of the mainmast, with diagrams, followed by a personal demonstration for one Voyage Crew member, Frances, up on the bridge. She was hugely excited to be able to find the sun through the eye-piece.  Meanwhile, Christian used his own personal sextant and some impressive looking navigation tables to calculate the ship’s position, and was delighted to be accurate within 13 miles.   

St Patrick’s Day was celebrated particularly by Emer, who wore a green shirt and very orange shorts.  

Sea-sickness took hold among the Voyage Crew and even those seasoned tars, the Volunteer Crew.  

After the evening meal, we all braced the yards (having had a talk and demo with Fliss in the morning); we braced them expertly from sharp to starboard to sharp to port. 

First watch was through a clear sky and a magnificent display of stars – no hint of light pollution here! There was, therefore, plenty of opportunity for celestial navigation; Aft Starboard watch got as far as finding the Plough and the North Star – and, also Orion’s Belt and Sirius.

After breakfast, there was the excitement of coming nearer to actual sailing: we set five fore-and aft sails and two square sails.

Some Volunteer Crew climbed high up to the fore-course yard-arms, hanging on above the ocean, to fit on tacks and sheets.

Afternoon watch saw dolphins.  There was a 1-hour time change forward to Bermuda time.    The Tenacious is still under engine, as well as seven sails so far.