There’s a murderer on board! We are getting plucked off one by one. In rough seas and high wind this murderer must be found. This game is a great source of entertainment for the crew and staff on board. However, one ruthless killer must be stopped, so far, he has killed two, including myself and he has his next target lined up. Once we become ghosts we are getting on with our usual ship duties, bracing the yards, sorting the sails, clearing up after meals and listening to fascinating stories from others. Like Sean’s story on his time in the Australian circus which we will hear later today. Morale is high and everyone is looking forward to seeing Bermuda on the horizon as we get closer and closer. 

The voyage just gets better and better! Sun high in the sky, and various crew just took a noon day sight to check the latitude. Yards square to the wind, with a lovely following force 3 and mild seas. Lots of training opportunities this morning, including climbing out on the lower topsail yards, a good 60 feet above the briny. There must have been a dozen of us up there, like a line of crows on a telegraph line, all under the watchful eye of the Bosun and Bosuns Mates, ensuring climbing lanyards were appropriately attached.

It is astonishing how little traffic there is in this part of the ocean, at least to those of us new to these waters. We did see whales blowing this morning, probably hump-backs, chased by a small school of flying fish. But less stranded flying fish on the decks this morning.

Those of us on the noon till 4 pm watch, now savouring time on the wheel, are hoping that we get a repeat of the continued clear skies for the midnight to 4am watch. We are looking forward to more views into the southern skies, much further south than we usually see from the UK, towards Scorpio and the various spectacular globular star clusters and deep south nebulae. A spectacular view into the heart of our own galaxy.