Sunday 23 April. Day 23. 

We’ve started the countdown. 7 days to go till we dock in Portland, so much to do and not enough time to do it. Yesterday we had a swim past of a large whale approx 50m away on the starboard side swimming serenely past with the occasional spray of water from its blowhole.  The clear sky gave us a fabulous display of stars and meteorites to compete with the usual large swell coming from America which caused a fair amount of sleeplessness (and those of us in wheelchairs had no chance in moving around under control).

But we all survived with the care and love of the watch (the temp watch leader (Philippa) made me write this.) Busy afternoon handing in the square sails: fore course, fore upper topsail, fore upper t’gallant, main t`gallant, main upper topsail, main lower topsail. Noting that, 2nd engineer Jack held his own hauling in the course. Captain Darren then requested both engines to 1500 revolutions. 

Fwd Stbd Watch.