Sunday 23rd an addition late afternoon, the team had set up an obstacle course on the deck.  Split into teams, we had knots to do, sails to correctly name/place, egg and spoon race, balls in buckets but find relevant team number to progress, mooo noises to create and not laugh ( not possible ) and the final task to split the home made piñata so the chocolates could be shared.  Well done to Nick of Fwd Stb, who finally broke it down!!  Great fun had by all.

Monday 24th April

Wakey wakey, choice of music for 7.30 am call, selected by the mess men, only Sandsorm by Durude (maybe not everyone’s music).  Who doesn’t want home made sausage rolls at lunch time – yummy and in all our tummys!! Thanks Micah and Margaret.

The BM’s had a busy afternoon bring down the Fore Lower Topsail, and replacing it with the sail with Tenacious across it.  Afternoon talk by Kate on her blind sailing experience, plus blindfolding some voyage crew and ask them to eat and drink – always entertaining.

Tuesday 25th April

The calm sounds of Walk of life by Dire Straits this morning to wake the crew up, with the suggestion that many layers of clothing and waterproofs now needed as the temperature keeps dropping and its raining but the home made tattie scones for breakfast (okay that is potato scone in English), definitely picked up spirits.  Morning talk was by Stu on more ropes with the BM’s helping us learn splicing.  The afternoon talk was by Alex on his bees, and his 7 beehives.

Wednesday 26th April

Tough night for all with less sleep due to the ship motion, but that is all part of this sailing adventure we are on and we are lucky that it has taken to now for the seas to create it.

Our morning talk was take by Cadet Phil, as he covered all the require symbol and lights that are used by all vessels ( then when in Dartmouth we saw the use of this on the Dartmouth Higher Ferry, the cable ferry).

Bell talk by Fran with Mike, in the lower mess at 4pm.  This was all about the mechanics of how to ring bells, and the different ways to use this to ring sequences/changes.

Thursday 27th April

The Morning watch had an interesting time on lookout, dodging fishing boats and lobster pots.  We dropped anchor in Start Bay at 08.42.  Morning talk was by Nick T.  This covered his life and experience living with Marfan syndrome.  Openly talking about his many operations and now what he does in using adaptive exercise to keep as mobile and positive as he is.

Late afternoon, Pilot boarding around 15.30/15.45 – Heading into Dartmouth, Paul of FS watch on the helm.  In the fog and rain, creating good interest for those on the front as we moored up.  As we were allowed ashore (first time off the ship in 9 days) too late for the shops that closed at 5pm, but maybe that just saved some of the voyage crew some money!!  Those that were organised had booked a table at the Dartmouth Arms, a lot of the crew also ate there at the bar tables, with some of the crew going to the Cherub Inn for food.  All had a good night ashore and all made it safely back on board.

Friday 28th April

Final walks shopping in Dartmouth, maybe it was to buy shoes or ice cream.  The seal showed himself basking on one of the pontoons.

As we headed up river first before turning and heading off, the steam train also left the station so we had a great view as it headed off 

We progressed up the coast and Anchored at Worbarrow Bay.

Saturday 29th April

Morning included Happy Hour, we definitely made the ship clean and shiny.  With Jemima on the hose, Alex, Brandon, Bridget, Philippa, Joan, Liz, Nick (on Bell Polishing) and Daryl all had to try to avoid the water spray.

Voyage photo.

Boats at 11 am, to do runs ashore to the beach.  Lots of crew explored the empty village of Tyneham – fascinating story.  Some then walked the coast path, and some had a swim (Imogen, Andy and Margaret).  Sand boat building had to be done on the beach.  Returning boats from 14.45, once all returned we motored past Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.

Anchored in Weymouth Roads (off Portland).

SODS opera evening (Ship’s Operatic and Dramatic Society), held in the lower mess.  Lots of laughs and singing all included, fun for all on our last night.  This included various renditions by Stickman Phil, who will be taking the story of Tenacious to various musical events around the UK.

Sunday 30th April

Pilot joined the ship 8.30/9.00 am, and we went into the harbour, completed mooring by 10am.  

Busy morning as everyone tidied up, packed, paid our bar bills and said goodbye.

Captain’s final farewell was at 11am.


Thanks all, what a trip, what a 3220 nautical miles.


Philippa (Fwd Stb), Andy (Fwd Port), Fran (Aft Stb), Alex (Aft Port)