Greetings from 42 degrees, 54.7’ North and 19 degrees, 04.7’ West on Friday 21st April.

Today we are playing dodgems with the squalls that appear out of nowhere. We are running before a following sea and revelling in it. It makes for challenging helming and an exciting experience on board as we are frequently rolling about 20 degrees each way. Much hilarity occurred when the crew took in the main topgallant quickly during a squall to the theme tune of Titanic. This is positively tame compared to the exhilarating weather we had the other day, with over 40 knots of apparent wind and much rain. The fore lower topsail blew out in one of these gusts. 

The ship’s routine is firmly imprinted on everyone’s mind by this point – especially when it’s feeding time at the zoo.

In case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, we had a lovely three days ashore in Horta, on the island of Faial in the Azores. Quite a few of the ship’s crew spent their time propping up Pete’s Bar, both physically and economically.  Our 8-man watch has been augmented to a 17-person watch, as our own Peter is equivalent to 10 men. Pete’s Bar is a standard stopover for crews from all over the world on a transatlantic crossing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this report from the rollercoaster ride that is Tenacious.

Aft Starboard

Bridget, Kate, Peter, John, Fran, Daryl, Amy, Roli