Day 7.

Good Friday. Following the usual morning briefing all 4 watches were given the first challenge – an egg drop competition. We all moved off to various locations to devise a winning plan and to look out for spies from other watches. During lunch, which was served on deck, a curious whale popped up only about 10 meters away, then disappeared back to the murky depths, obviously not hungry! 

At last the wind veered and we set sails, first on the foremast and then on the mainmast. The speed dropped from 8kn to 2.6kn but we were under sail and the feeling was fantastic and no problem as we’ve got all the time in the world – well at this stage of the voyage. Progress to the Azores is slow but sure, however, we hope this area of high pressure gives way to more wind even though we would like to keep this lovely sunshine.

Forward Starboard Watch

W/L Jon, Kevan, Nick, Paul, Philippa, Sally & Terry