Easter greetings from 35 degrees 40.4 minutes North, 048 degrees 57.4 minutes West!  This morning whilst trying to brace the yards, we were interrupted by a pod of sperm whales who gave us a fantastic eggscuse……. to slack off for a while and marvel at the scenery.

As the wind isn’t currently in our favour, we are running under engines but yesterday we shut them down and enjoyed the peace and quiet of all available plain sail to the royal.

Massive shout-out to all BMs on board for industriously repairing our fore t’gallant sails, stitching away like good uns. Work on them both is still in progress; the one finished first will go back up and the other into storage.

Imogen (Aft Port) wanted to organise an Easter Egg Hunt and Kate – who is visually impaired but can see light and dark – asked if we could turn it into a disability-awareness activity. Voyage crew formed teams of three with at least one Able-Bodied and one non-AB member.  Some AB team members restricted their sight or mobility to learn how others experience the world. Everyone had a great time on the hunt and second guessing the twisty thought processes of the Bosun’s mates who hid the eggs added another layer of fun. We discussed afterwards how they and their teams got on with the extra challenge of moving around the ship with at least one person needing guidance from the others in the team as they had restricted sight or mobility imposed upon them. 

We then got to eat the loot ????

Our lovely sunny weather has left us and now it’s drizzling. To prevent it getting worse, we are donning foul weather gear!

Aft Starboard

Bridget, Daryl, Peter, Roly, John, Amy, Kate and Fran

PS: our weather charm failed