Port Aft Watch Saturday 24th June 2023

Cardiff to Liverpool Via Lundy Island

There was a watch leader called Jules

Who took on a bunch of raw fools

Steve hauled on the ropes 

While Bill told dodgy jokes

And Sue kept abreast of the rules.


Yesterday was a busy day sailing from our anchorage around the north coast of Angelsey to our new anchorage in Bull Bay. What an exhilarating sail. Some of us got a face-full of cold sea water when some waves whooshed over the side of Tenacious. Most of the crew had enjoyed a great climb up the foremast with lovely views of the Welsh countryside.

Today more mast climbing started the day with assisted climbs and random climbs from other crew up the main mast though the wind was blowing quite strongly today. Last night’s anchor watch saw wind speeds up to 35 knots at times up until aft port retired to their bunks at midnight.

The tide changed direction

Wind no longer force seven

So sails on both masts harnessed power

No time for a brew

As the hauling tasks grew,

But today we avoided a shower.

Dave raced up the mast

North Wales drifting past,

While the gannets and gulls ‘neath him fly,

Voyage crew bathed in sun 

On this back homeward run

With Jez and with Sarah on high.