We woke up this morning to bright sunshine and had a lovely pancake breakfast.

We received plans for the day from Captain Simon that we are heading for the Kyle of Bute. We weighed anchor and we put up 4 sails on the main mast and 3 on the foremast.

We passed the steam ship The Waverley in the Kyle of Bute top heavy with waving passengers.

The anchorage this evening is Rothesay Bay: ETA 16h00.

Having a great time with old friends and making new ones.

Amazing scenery and weather so far!

No accidents so far .

Three of our voyage crew medical students Izzy, Damisi and Holly climbed to the top of the mast 27.5 m. Well done!

We are looking forward to the quiz tonight organised by MP Vicky.

Hoping to get ashore sometime on the voyage.

Helen S. Aft starboard watch


Two of Tenacious' masts are pictured, the fore mast has 3 square sails set, and the main mast has 4 square sails set. The sky is blue behind them.