Voyage TNS632 Greenock to Lerwick


Mull is still next to us! We are just coming out of the Sound of Mull where we found a bit of sun, wind and rain!

We spent the night in Oban, where we could hear a pipe band on deck. Shore leave was granted and some of the crew successfully stopped a seagull from stealing their dinner.

Wildlife enthusiasts (and everyone else) have enjoyed dolphins, jellyfish, seals, sea otters and even cute baby guillemots.

Most of the crew have had the opportunity to go aloft, with more climbs planned later in the voyage.

As forward port (aka the best watch) finish their watch we are heading north, in sunshine and hoping for more sailing opportunities                .

Abi and Katy FP watch

[Note from shore]

Whilst Tenacious was in Oban, a local resident recorded several of the assisted climbs and Tenacious’ departure later that morning. This has been uploaded to YouTube and shared with us, and can be found here: