TNS633  Lerwick – Arendal.

Day3. Sunday 30 July. Tall Ships race 3. 

After a few days of beautiful weather in Lerwick surrounded by all the other Tall Ships looking glorious in the sunshine with all the bunting flying, Friday dawned wet, foggy and colder. Spirits were still high as Captain Simon donned his best uniform to meet Princes Anne and show her our beautiful ship, Tenacious. As she left the new crew for this voyage began to arrive and get settled in.  

There were a lot of delays and plan changes as the weather meant that many people flying in that morning were unable to get to Shetland. Many ships, including Tenacious were short of a few crew members. Apparently one ship was missing 30 crew. 

There was time for visiting other ships and entertainment around the harbour during the day and evening, with stalls selling local produce and handicrafts including some very delicious hand smoked salmon, excellent local Ice cream, and of course a variety of knitted wool items. 

Unfortunately, due to the weather and the delayed arrival of crews the Parade of sail on Saturday was cancelled, but ships began leaving port one by one and heading out to the start line overnight.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny with a light wind.  The majority, of ships were at least heading towards the start line which opened (I think) at 9am but about 9 ships were still in Lerwick awaiting crew. The start gate will remain opened until they have all passed through so it has been a somewhat spread out, staggered start.

We were motoring on the way out but the engine had to be turned off 1 mile before the start line and we had to cross the start line under sail and remain under sail for race.  As soon as breakfast was over all hands were on deck enthusiastically bracing the yards and getting all the sails set under instructions from the ever-efficient permanent crew.

Right now, its quiet time after lunch and I’ve just been requested to make sure I mention how hard the Bosuns Mates are working, greasing the watertight doors and they have already cleaned and oiled the runners for the helm chair so it is now working properly. 😊 

We are currently sailing in pleasant sunshine and a good breeze as we dodge the oil rigs and other ships in the area.  We can see Capitan Miranda to Starboard, amongst some oil rigs, Roald Amundsen off the port bow and a number of smaller ships and container ships.

Unassisted mast climbing is about to commence taking advantage of this lovely weather.

Currently, we are due in Arendal on Wed morning.  Happy Sailing everyone.

Photo shared by past Permanent Crew member Rory, who popped by the ship whilst she was in his home waters. Thanks Rory!

Tenacious is pictured motoring (no sails set) on a grey day, having just left Lerwick.

Tenacious is pictured motoring (no sails set) on a grey day, having just left Lerwick, on her way to the start line.