DAY 6 02.08.2023.

Aft Port on watch.

During last night we had 2 visitors: a Kestrel swooped down and landed exhausted at the top of the main mast, swiftly followed by a Norwegian Dappled Blue Bibber. By dawn both had recovered their strength and carried on their way. 34 jelly fish serenely floated by, before a dolphin was spotted which was vastly more interesting.

The day started out with a good following wind which has now dropped to nothing, so it’s back to motoring until we tie up alongside in Arendal tomorrow.


[Note – we thought the following was too good not to include: A covering note from Medical Purser Alan sent through with the blog – it was mentioned that the Norwegians had become big fans of the biscuit stash in the last blog! Someone send chocolate bourbons, quick!]

There’s nearly no biscuits left on the ship………..these guys are voracious!

 I saw one of [the Norweigan crew] munching his way through a packet of ginger nuts as if it was a wee bag of crisps. I’ll be suffering chocolate bourbon withdrawal symptoms any day now.