Forward Port Watch Report,
23 Wednesday August,

The weather has been wonderful for the past 4 days and the skies are clear as glass. Only a slight breeze is pushing us along at a very slow and steady pace. In port there was little to see, however once we were at sea on Tuesday afternoon, there was fairly busy traffic on the water.

Once we were a fair bit out of port we put our crash course in bracing and sail-setting to use so that we could really ‘set sail’. A few people took the opportunity, with good weather and minimal rocking, to brave the masts and ascend to the top. There was a decent view but the coastline around Blyth doesn’t stay interesting for too long. Being back down onto deck, we ventured out over the sea on the bowsprit to relax on the net and enjoy the bits of sun that managed to get through the clouds.

Nick, Helen, Kim, Jeremy, Luke, James.