Day 6 Tenacious voyage Blyth to Chatham

Left anchor at Southwold under sail with a light breeze, continued for a couple of hours making about 3 miles. Handed sails and changed to motor power. Very little wind and calm seas.

The bosun was challenged to climb the mast blindfolded my one of the voyage crew in order to appreciate her difficulties. He managed successfully and went out onto the yard. I am sure that was a great learning experience. Also, two of the voyage crew are spending the day in wheelchairs to gain an appreciation of how challenging that can be.

All told a great first experience of tall ship sailing.

Paul – First time sailor

Joined Tenacious for the second time having sailed on Lord Nelson in the dim and distant past. Guess what, it still works, different people from different backgrounds all with different abilities, everyone working together in watches and as a crew to sail the ship, friendships being forged, limits being pushed and understanding of others needs nurtured, brilliant as ever.

Lester ‘old hand’