Tenacious Log 29/08/2023  

After a tiring, but exhilarating day of training including testing peoples fear of heights by going aloft, the forward starboard watch enjoyed a delicious dinner before starting a 4 hour watch till midnight – the wind picked up so we enjoyed a sail with some stargazing. Unfortunately, just as we handed over for some well-earned sleep the anchor chain dropped and we were all awake again!


Highlight of today was seeing a seal, oh and putting the sails up. We started our 12:30 – 16:00 watch, Dave, however, couldn’t work out how to put his harness on – took 35mins. We all helped wearing the ship which was a great experience and discovered she has a polka dot sail. Just for the notes Dave’s driving was complimented on by the captain. Until our next watch


Sophia, Dave, Tony, Guy, Nick, Katie, Mark