Day 3.
From anchoring overnight off St. Helens, Isle of White we spent the morning carrying out the assisted climbs aloft where we had two plucky wheelchair users going aloft to the platform of the foremast with others requiring assisted climbs venturing up the Main mast.

For those that haven’t witnessed wheelchair users pulling themselves up using the specially adapted ascender and using nothing but arm power, I can guarantee it is inspirational.

Following the climbs, it was a quick, fire exercise carried out by the Permanent Crew, (the bosun must stop setting fire to the paint locker😊) then lunch and up anchor to sail overnight with plan A to anchor off Swanage tomorrow sometime. 

Currently popping along at 5.6kts with a F5 WSW perfect sailing weather, bright sunshine with Inner & Outer Jib, Fore upper & Lower Topsail and Course with Main T’gallant, Upper & Lower Topsails and heading 180.

All good fun. Not looking forward to going off watch yet, but will be ready for the Middle watch tonight and hopefully a starry night with same winds.

Forward Stbd. Steven, John, Stacie, Anne, Julie, Gillian.

Day 4.

AFT PORT WATCH Dropped anchor in Swanage Bay this evening and the following morning voyage crew went ashore in two RIBs. All enjoyed coffee, lunch and Dorset ice cream. Back on board we all enjoyed a barbeque on deck complete with loud music! To be followed by a calm night at anchor.