The UK sailing season is soon coming to a close and, over the past few weeks, the JST
Trustees have been working with our external advisors and management to refine our
plans for the next three years, following the successful outcome of our recent Emergency

Per our previous update, we wanted to be confident that there was a viable future for the
JST before starting to draw down on the Emergency Appeal funds. This period of review has
been very useful and has helped to both develop, and refine, our assumptions in many

Overall, we believe the Trust has a viable plan for the future, albeit one that is not without
its challenges, particularly next year, where we have the double impact of the additional
costs associated with Tenacious’ special survey and the lost income across the c. three
month period when this will take place.

We are keen to use the consolidation down to a single ship to improve our mission impact,
experience and sustainability. A Trustee working group has now been formed to ensure
this happens and all the enthusiastic suggestions we have received from across the JST
community will be considered as part of this. We are very grateful to the many people who
submitted them and additional thoughts remain welcome via our email.

In parallel to this financial planning process, we have also completed some significant
changes to our team. We successfully completed an offshore voluntary redundancy
process, reducing our professional seafaring team down to two members per rank. Chris
Philipps, Ali Travis, Leslie Sale, Steve Garrett and Darren Hardy will all leave the JST by the
end of November.

On-shore, following a consultation, we have also made considerable changes to resize our
income generation and support team for a single ship model. In total, ten team members
are in the process of leaving the JST and all will have departed by the end of October. These
individuals are Tia Chowdhury, Emma Cotton, Josephine Hall, Lisa Booth, Emma Davies,
Amie O’Riordan, Charlotte Butcher, Alice Barnes, Louise Le Garignon and Jennifer Terry.

We recognise this has been a challenging period for all the team and thank all the staff for
the professionalism and commitment they have shown throughout. We also thank those
leaving the JST for their many years of outstanding service. The Trustees are very conscious
we are sadly losing extremely talented members of the team, who have all made an exceptionally important contribution to our mission. We wish them all the very best in the future and with them well with the next step in their professional life.

Recruitment for the new vacancies in our structure has been going well. Following our
recent recruitment process, we that Claire Sandham and Jenni Miles will be joining the
Fundraising Team to provide stronger leadership in the areas of stakeholder engagement,
digital marketing, community engagement and major gifts. Amber Fisher has also moved
internally into a new Fundraising Programme Manager role. Finally, we will soon welcome
Sharon Philipps and Jenni Bishop into the roles of Financial Controller and Accounts Officer
respectively. These new hires will all be in post by the end of the calendar year and so
please join me in welcoming them to the organisation. Each of these roles has been
carefully considered and will play a critical role in our future.

Tenacious will soon start her winter programme, heading to the Carribean via the Canaries.
She will then return next spring for a pioneering collaboration with The Stelios
Philanthropic Foundation and we look forward to sharing more details on this soon. We
also look forward to publishing some additional sailing opportunities on Tenacious for next
year very soon, once we have finalised a number of partner discussions and also agreed
the final scope of work on Tenacious with our regulators. Watch this space!

As Tenacious continues our mission offshore, we would now like to confirm the following
information concerning the decommissioning of Lord Nelson, and a special ceremony to
mark her 33 years of outstanding service to the JST.

The decommissioning will take place on Friday October 11th, following the completion of
the Battle of the Barques in Southampton. Lord Nelson will enter port, accompanied by
Tenacious at 12pm, flying a 33 foot long decommissioning pennant from her main mast.
This represents one foot for each year of service.

The voyage will officially end at noon with a subsequent ceremony taking place at the
following times:
● 2pm Guests Join
● 3pm Speeches & Presentations
● 3.30pm Cake Cutting
● 4pm Buffet & Drinks

We very much hope that you will join us to help celebrate Lord Nelson’s life and
the amazing work that this very special ship has undertaken for the JST.

Following the ceremony, Lord Nelson will then be taken to a secure, quiet location for her
decommissioning. Per the recent FAQ, the Trustees will be taking c. 6 months to consider
various options regarding her future. We have already been encouraged by the number of
organisations and cities showing an interest in her and remain optimistic that we can put
her too good use in support of our mission. Further developments on this will be shared in
due course and, in the interim, anyone wishing to help maintain the ship should contact
Andy Spark via

This has been a challenging period of change for everyone at the JST and we appreciate
everyone’s support, and patience, as we evolve into our new form. We are very grateful to
have the continued commitment of many loyal staff and also excited by the extremely
capable new recruits who are in the process of joining. We are all committed to ensuring
that our work can be enjoyed by many generations to come and the steps we have taken
are designed to achieve this.

Thank you for your continued support.
The JST Trustees
September 24th 2019