Day 5

Once again we were woken with the reminder that breakfast would be served in lower mess at 8pm. A beautiful blue sky this morning,  after breakfast we had some sail work to help with. The Buntlins needed to be eased off in order to raise the main sail, followed by loosening off the furling lines. Everyone pulled together helping to set the sails.

The morning continued warm and sunny, such a satisfying sight seeing the sails up! A few of us who hadn’t climbed, went rig climbing with Fi.

Chef had prepared a very tasty early lunch today as I was on watch from 12.30 and after all the sail work we were all very hungry!

We are headed to Cadiz for an overnight stay today.  In the afternoon there was a feeling of excitement as we watched the Spanish coastline get nearer and nearer.  There was more sail work in order to hand the sails before we entered Cadiz habour. All the crew were scattered on various of the ship’s decks,   getting the boat prepared for docking. Preparing ropes, retrieving the fenders from their storage places, and preparing them on the starboard side as we would be docking on starboard in the mariner.

We picked up a Spanish pilot to bring the ship in. Approaching Cadiz we watched as some of the town’s bell towers and domes could be seen beyond the harbour.

Docking was a team effort and ropes and fenders slung over the side to waiting hands below to secure Tenacious to the habour wall. Once all was secured it was time to explore Cadiz itself, and many of the crew left to explore as did I.

Really a day to remember.

– Jeannie first time volunteer crew member