Commander Spock’s  blog, start date 24th September 2022, or at least it feels like that sort of unreal reality, as I stand here on the bridge, not of the Starship Enterprise, but of the beautiful TS Tenacious.

Today has been a great day for everyone on board, sailing off the anchor, making the whole passage under sail and coming into anchor at our destination, ALL UNDER SAIL!

Whilst anchored at Lulworth Cove, we were treated to a geology tour of the bay in the onboard RIB’s, where we learnt some interesting facts about the Jurassic Coast and its creation, care of the ships Bosun.  Further along the coast we sailed past some interesting looking ‘pirate coves’, including the well-known Durdle Door.

Later on, whilst back on the boat, we had another most delicious lunch from the brilliant onboard chef and galley crew and assisted the permanent crew with a ‘man overboard’ drill.

After arriving in Weymouth Bay and weighing the anchor, my Watch Shift ended with a very interesting and informative chat with the Master of the ship, about all things maritime and specifically the ship Tenacious.

For me, this trip on SV Tenacious has been a very personal journey.  If you ever come to a crossroads in your life or you need to make some tough decisions, find yourself some space, put yourself out there, do something different, find some time to consider yourself (for once!) or go and have an adventure!

I am an average, middle-aged woman, a wife, mother, carer, house cleaner, employee, chief juggler, head cook, bottlewasher and all round look after everybody (except myself) type person.  Or at least I was, before I started this real life voyage of discovery.  Right now, whilst writing this blog entry, I finally feel like me, just me and it feels like a VERY good place to be!

Through my life, I have felt like there was an adventurer somewhere in me, but for reasons throughout my life, I have never had the opportunity, money or whatever else you might need, to actually have a real life adventure.

The last few years have been an incredibly difficult time for me personally and there have been far more downs, than ups.  Until recently, when something in me decided that time felt right and I (for unknown reasons!) clicked on that button to apply for a bursary (funded) place on this beautiful ship Tenacious.  I NEVER thought in a million years, that I would actually get a place sailing on this ship, but for me it is a dream come true and most definitely an adventure.

I won’t lie, it has been emotional.  There have been a lot of tears, it has been hard, both physically and mentally, I have doubted myself and I have challenged myself and my beliefs, but eventually, I have overcome, achieved and learned that I can do things and I AM GOOD ENOUGH!  I have taken the ship’s name literally and been ‘tenacious’, not giving up and ultimately, learning a lot in a very short space of time, both about sailing and myself.

I have learnt new skills, met some wonderful people, made new friends, found a new love for live, which I thought had been lost and grown in confidence, with the knowledge that I am good and I actually can do it!!!

This ship Tenacious and her crew, must mean so much to so many people who have sailed on her, creating challenges, teaching new skills, creating relationships and improving lives.  If only she could talk, I am sure she would have some amazing stories to tell.

I will finish with something I have learnt from this trip.  If you ever feel in the darkest place and you really can’t see a way forward, hold on, be brave, talk to someone and trust in the knowledge that you are not alone.  However bad things may seem, there is a better way.  In the last few years, I never ever thought I would feel the way I do right now, whilst writing this blog, but this ship, this crew and this journey has really given me hope, confidence and new joy, which I hope I can carry forward and use in my life and my future.

Anybody can join the volunteer crew of Tenacious, so you could also have an adventure like I have done.  Whatever you choose to do, never lose hope, stay strong, YOU CAN DO THIS!  Signing off.


Sarah, Forward Starboard Watch


Featured image: Tenacious