Unique Tall Ship with a Social Inclusion Mission Sails into Sydney Harbour


Tenacious, a very special tall ship with a unique inclusive mission, will sail into Sydney Harbour on Wednesday 27 July after an epic nine month, 18,000 mile voyage from the UK, sailed by a crew of 40 individuals, around half of whom are living with disability.

Tenacious will sail through the heads into the harbour at approximately 10am to the Australian National Maritime Museum – a culmination of a journey that started in November 2015 and has seen her sail across the Atlantic via Antigua, navigate the Panama Canal and pass through the islands of the South Pacific, including Fiji.

The ship will be accompanied by a spectacular parade of sails featuring Sydney tall ships James Craig and Southern Swan, led by the Sydney fire tug Shirley Swan before her arrival at the Australian National Maritime Museum, which will be her home during time spent in New South Wales.

Tenacious is owned and operated by The Jubilee Sailing Trust, a UN-accredited charity that has led the way on the issue of social inclusion for nearly forty years. The ship is the largest operative wooden ship in the world (at 65 metres and with a mast height of 39 metres) and was built in 2000 by 1,500 volunteers, including many living with disability.

The ship has a number of special design features which allow everyone, regardless of whether they are living with disability, to play a full and active role as a member of crew – the entire vessel is wheelchair accessible including the platforms up the mast and bowsprit; there are aids for the visually impaired like speaking compasses and people with limited dexterity can even helm the ship with a joystick.

For 38 years, the Jubilee Sailing Trust has provided life-changing adventures to nearly 50,000 people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability, giving them a sailing experience that instils the self-confidence and perspective to help them achieve their wider life goals. The Australian arm was established in 2015 to give Australians the opportunity to benefit from the unique service provided by the charity.

Kevin Sumption, museum director said, ‘As Australia’s home of maritime heritage, the Australian National Maritime Museum is proud to be partnering with the Jubilee Sailing Trust in bringing Tenacious to Sydney, providing visitors with the opportunity to meet the crew and supporting it in its important mission.”

Harry Cator, Chairman, Jubilee Sailing Trust Australia, said, “Over four million Australians are living with some form of disability. The Jubilee Sailing Trust Australia’s mission is to provide people living with disability and able-bodied people to come together to achieve the unthinkable, sailing a tall ship as equal members of the crew, around some of our most historic maritime sites.”

Tenacious will be a regular visitor to the museum on Darling Harbour over the next 10 months as she embarks on voyages to Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Geelong. The public can come on board and experience the ship on Saturday 6 August and on various dates in late 2016 and early 2017. For further information on Tenacious, its Sydney dates, day sails and voyages visit anmm.gov.au/tenacious.

The Australian National Maritime Museum on Darling Harbour is open daily from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. For further information call 02 9298 3777 or visit www.anmm.gov.au.

For further information on the mission of the Jubilee Sailing Trust Australia visit www.jst.org.au or call Peter Mitchell (Project Manager Australia) on 0410 468 470

You can also catch up with the live footage of the arrival here:

ABC News 24: http://snpy.tv/29YRlMi
Channel 7: https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/32167324/worlds-largest-wooden-ship-docked-in-sydney-harbour-after-circumnavigation-of-the-globe/#page1