We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve recently received the incredibly rare honour of being accredited by the United Nations. There are only 254 accredited charities and NGOs around the world, so we’re joining a very select few. The decision was made by Member States who recognised our efforts towards disability and inclusion, and our support for the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

This accreditation means that we can now host sessions in the UN, participate in panel discussions and spread our message of inclusion to governments around the world. More importantly, it brings credibility to our work and provides an essential platform for building understanding with foreign governments. Being in constant contact with these foreign governments can aid us in increasing our international visibility, and in expanding our voyage destinations worldwide.

Creating partnerships with other NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, International Inclusion and the International Paralympic Committee will fortify our mission and enable us to reach a global audience. This in turn will allow more people to access a life changing experience on-board one of our voyages.

Our CEO Duncan Souster said:

“We are truly honoured to have been accredited by the United Nations and for the Trust’s mission to be recognised on a global stage and are very excited to start working with the governments and organisations involved. 

“This cements our goal of making progress to a society that is truly inclusive through epic adventurous voyages. 

“We hope to build on this accreditation by visiting more countries thanks to the relationships we’re building at the UN and further expanding the reach and impact of our mission.”