Saturday 14th January

I wake up with fellow bosun mate around 6am and go up to the watch to check in on anything that happened in the night and our progress. We started the day re-setting the course as usual, and this time added in the T’Gallants on the fore and main mast – which also involves hauling on their respective Halyards.

An egg drop challenge has been instigated, so many of the watches spent the day in huddles, and often you could see people wandering around holding odd bits of cardboard they had found from the bins or eating bananas to collect their skins.

In the afternoon, the bosun mates have been oiling leather and spraying galvanised steel up the masts and along the yards to protect them from the salt, water, and a little from UV.

Having been at sea for a few days, we’re getting our sea legs and used to the movement of the boat. It was a good moment to spend the evening learning about the engineering sensers, and problem solving through ‘listening, feeling, and smelling’.

I joined the watch just before midnight to take in the stars crowded into the sky before being rocked to sleep.

As we hadn’t seen land the day before it felt like we could be in the middle of the Atlantic but we were just passing Cape Verde (which, due to our new route, is far to our south).

Amber, BM.