Voyage no: TNSDS 310824

The cost of this day sail has been kindly donated by a generous donor looking to provide an opportunity for disabled and non-disabled people living in Wales to discover what life onboard could be like. 

Spaces on this day sail will at first be offered to organisations the funder already works with, and then at a later date offered to Welsh residents via our website. If you live in Wales and would be interested in sailing on this day sail, we will be adding a booking link to this page once the funder has had opportunity to share this within their networks. We do expect there to be spaces available for more Welsh residents to sail, and will broadcast when the daysail is available on both our website and our social media.

Welsh residents will be prioritised, however non-Welsh residents may also book onto the daysail if they pay the regular daysail price of £250.

Enjoy a taster of life at sea with our ever popular day sails aboard Tenacious. We’ll train you on many of the elements that make sailing with the JST such a unique adventure – all in one day! Tenacious is a tall ship like no other – packed with features like wheelchair lifts and a speaking compass for people with visual impairments. The ship is designed to allow everyone to play an active role in sailing, regardless of your physical ability.

After setting off, you’ll get hands-on experience learning how to helm the ship, set the sails and if conditions are suitable, you may even be able to climb the mast! Regardless of your ability or experience, everyone will get a brilliant taste of what our voyages are like.

What’s more, enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and plenty of freshly baked cakes and biscuits – all prepared daily by our talented cooks in the galley.

A day sail with the JST is the perfect way to experience a taster of life on board our tall ship before signing up for a longer voyage. Or if you would like to go sailing, but are not sure about the idea of sleeping on board yet, this is the perfect way to get familiar with the lay out of the ship.

If you’re a budding explorer and looking for your first chance to sail on a tall ship, this could be the adventure for you. The age limit is reduced from the usual 16 on voyages to 12 on day sails – but if you are under 16, you must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) who will be responsible for you.

Captain Darren says: “A day sail is a snapshot of what a voyage onboard Tenacious will be like, even after such a short time onboard the ship’s company finish the day with a sense of achievement and the added pleasure of having met new found friends. I enjoy day sails because I see people who may not otherwise sail on a longer voyage, or think they wouldn’t be able to, seriously consider doing so having spent the day onboard. A day sail is an great introduction to Tenacious and will give you confidence and an appetite to sign on for a longer voyage”

Voyage details

  • Voyage No: TNSDS 310824
  • Start Date: 31/08/2024
  • End Date: 31/08/2024
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Departing: Cardiff
  • Arrival: Cardiff
  • Voyage Type: Public
Cost to JST: £250