Voyage no: TNS547

Forget the ferry…take the Tenacious down the Mersey and find the music within your own life. If the beetle of doubt is creeping in, join us for this voyage as our band of Mersey crew Come Together to form watches and support each other in sailing the world’s largest timber hulled ship (I’d like say Norwegian Wood but it is Siberian larch) down the glorious Irish Sea. If you have been feeling the strains of a Long and Winding Road, simply book your Ticket to Ride and We Can Work It Out for you to have a life-transformative experience. (please forgive the cringe-worthy Beatles references but hopefully Here Comes The Sun!)

Voyage details

  • Voyage No: TNS547
  • Ship: Tenacious
  • Start Date: 26/09/2019
  • End Date: 02/10/2019
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Departing: Liverpool
  • Arrival: Portsmouth
Contribution: £1400
Subsidised Contribution*: £724
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