Voyage no: TNS558

Just as the JST believes in an inclusive world where we can all contribute and feel valued, so it believes in being accessible to everyone. No matter ability, age, race or social background.

While this voyage might start in the playground of the wealthy, the generosity of a small group of Monegasque philanthropists have helped us develop the opportunity of a Mediterranean programme.

As you sail out under the gaze of the Prince’s Palace you can contemplate how this voyage might impact the rest of your life. Challenge yourself when climbing the mast or helming the ship, and feel your confidence soar. The energy you get from the sea can give you a boost for months to come.

Voyage details

  • Voyage No: TNS558
  • Ship: Tenacious
  • Start Date: 28/06/2020
  • End Date: 11/07/2020
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Departing: Monaco
  • Arrival: Cadiz
Contribution: £2800
Subsidised Contribution*: £1680
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