Voyage no: TNS659

Szczecin is one of the largest cities in the north of Poland. It’s known as Poland’s “green city of ecology” and it’s famous for its yachting. You will join the ship in the port filled with other tall ships of all sizes and styles, as the 2024 Tall Ships Races will have just finished here. Although you won’t be racing them out, the atmosphere will be fantastic and you’re bound to be sailing in company with one or two for a short distance when setting sail back to London!

We may (or may not) spend slightly longer in our start port than a regular JST voyage due to the amazing experience of being surrounded by everything from the biggest Class A tall ships (barques, brigs and ship rigged) to the smallest Class Ds (sloops, ketches and schooners), and if there are specific events being held in port to celebrate the end of the 2024 event. If the other tall ships in port are open to visitors there is a chance you may be asked to help our crew and volunteers out for a few hours one day whilst Tenacious hosts our own ‘open ship’  (but we just won’t know this until the day). Whatever happens, we’ll make sure you get to enjoy it!

You will proudly be bringing Tenacious back to the UK’s capital city, sailing at first along the Southern edge of the stunning Baltic coastline, through to the North sea, and then experiencing London from the lesser seen viewpoint of the Thames. Coming into London, the strong tidal streams and heavy river traffic of all types, particularly around the Tilbury area, will be keeping the on duty Officer and Watch on their toes as you pass multiple important landmarks for the UK’s maritime development – including the impressive Thames Barrier.

Although we can never guarantee it (due to the weather, the tides, and other traffic on the water) we always hope to go through Tower Bridge when we call into the capital, putting a halt to all traffic in central London (twice) to make a statement and let everyone admire our amazing ship!

Bursary Funding for members of the Armed Forces!

We still have some LIBOR funding that can only be used by people with a Service Number (whether serving or retired) which would reduce this voyage down to £106 per person per day, so a total of £1,272 for the 12 days. Amazing!! Make sure you put ‘LIBOR‘ in the ‘Promotion or Group Code‘ box at the very end of the booking form. We will ask you to confirm that you have a Service Number, and please bear in mind that bursary funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis – and will run out one day!

What to expect

You’ll have been part of one of the most important teams you’ve ever experienced – without our Voyage Crew we can’t sail, you’re as crucial as that. And we know that with that will come a huge sense of self-achievement – and some new friends too.

Sailing on Tenacious 

Don’t worry if you’ve never sailed before – most people step on board with no experience of sailing a tall ship.

You’ll be part of our Voyage Crew, and be put into one of four teams called Watches. You’ll learn from our Permanent Crew and will take part in all the tasks necessary to operate the Ship, whether that’s setting sail, helming (steering) the Ship, assisting in the Galley or climbing the mast – though that one’s not compulsory!

And you’ll enjoy time off watch every day to take in the scenery, get to know others on board and take part in the activities we have planned. Our beautiful tall ship Tenacious becomes your home for the duration of your voyage – we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience of being on board.

*What you pay 

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we are able to subsidise all our voyage places by 25% from the true cost to the JST to deliver. If you can, please consider making a donation or fundraising towards the full cost of your voyage. This means we can continue to offer this subsidy to those who are less able to afford our adventures.

Historically the JST has advertised our voyages with a larger subsidy, but sadly these levels are no longer sustainable. We realise that the cost of a voyage may be a prohibitive factor, so we fundraise throughout the year for bursaries to further reduce the cost to you, our voyage crew, so that we can still welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities onboard. We recommend anyone that does not think they can afford the existing subsidised rate to read more and apply for a bursary here – please state which voyage you wish to sail on at the same time. We recommend submitting a booking request at the same time as a bursary application as all berths and bursaries are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The Bursary Committee meets monthly.

Why sail with the JST? 

Our voyages are not just boat rides in amazing settings. JST sailing adventures are about giving people the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world.

Life on board is about joining in and getting involved. Everyone is seen and treated as equal. Everyone has a role to play and contributes to the best of their ability.

It’s in this unique environment that we see daily challenges fade into the background.

As Sally says: “When people ask me if I would go again, I reply ‘in a heart beat’.  Seeing my buddy steering Tenacious at the helm and telling me that he felt in control for the first time in his life, was the biggest reward I could ask for”.

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Voyage details

  • Voyage No: TNS659
  • Start Date: 05/08/2024
  • End Date: 16/08/2024
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Departing: Szczecin
  • Arrival: London
  • Voyage Type: Public
Cost to JST: £3072
Cost to You*: £2300
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