Did you know you can fundraise towards your voyage contribution? 

All of our berths are subsidised to make our voyages more financially accessible, but we know some people may find it difficult to self-finance their voyage fees.

To ensure as many people as possible are able to experience a JST voyage, we’re very happy for you to fundraise towards the costs. In some cases, we’ll even match-fund your efforts through our Bursary Scheme.

You can raise funds in any way you wish. Whether you want to ask friends for voyage sponsorship, set yourself a challenge during your voyage such as a sponsored mast climb, or hold an event, the choice is yours. All we ask is that you pay a registration fee (which varies depending on the voyage) and commit to raise the minimum target.

Anyone can raise additional funds towards a voyage, simply use this form or ask us for your personalised link.

Our fundraising pack is available here.

Are you age under 25? There are two funders you can apply directly to for support toward your voyages fees:

The James Myatt Trust can provide assistance with voyage fees for young people to discover sail training. They have a short application form on their website here:

The James Myatt Trust has helped over 700 young people experience a sail training voyage since 1984, and was established in memory of James Myatt who helped pioneer sail training at it’s earliest stages.  The Trust meets twice a year, usually in March and October, to review and consider applications and make awards. You must have been accepted onto a voyage to apply, and we recommend submitting your application well in advance of your voyage start date to give you plenty of time to plan your fundraising.

If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces you can also apply to the Ulysses Trust, who support adventure and experiential activities for young people. More information and how to apply can be found on their website:

Applications should be submitted at least two months before the start of your oyage, but again we suggest submitting an application as soon as you’ve been accepted onto a JST voyage!

And remember, there is nothing stopping you from applying for bursary funding from the JST as well as the above funders – don’t forget to tell us about the different ways you’re looking to fund your voyage in your application!


"When people step on board Tenacious and become part of the team needed to sail the ship, disabilities and disadvantages don’t play a part…it’s all about what we can do together."