The safety and of our voyage crew, volunteers, permanent crew and ships and the protection of the marine environment is of paramount importance to us.

Safety and safeguarding are the cornerstones of all our voyages and day sails. We operate our ship in line with stringent UK and international maritime rules and regulations and a comprehensive Safety Management System. Our operation is regularly audited by the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Authority and we are subject to checks by port authorities in the countries we visit.

We ensure that every person joining Tenacious as voyage crew is well briefed on the safety features of the ships and on safety and emergency procedures.

We have an excellent safety record, and do everything we can to avoid any accidents or injuries. We are not a hospital ship, but we do we ordinarily have some level of qualified medical support aboard (the Medical Purser and, often, a practicing doctor acting as back up support if needed), available to provide support should anyone get sick or injured. In addition, we have 24/7 access to shore based telemedical agencies in the UK and internationally, who can provide guidance and assist with any emergency treatment and evacuation.

Among our suite of safety and safeguarding policies and procedures, we operate in accordance with the following:

Safeguarding Policy, Guidelines and Toolkit – Safeguarding Policy

Disclosure and Barring Service Policy and Procedures

Drugs and Alcohol Policy